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I have been somewhat quiet on the blogging front as, for the last 11 months, we have been working flat out on a large restoration project. The house was the first one mentioned in this article. Someone saw it on … Continue reading

Locorotondo – the round place


photo copyright Alex Edwards

One of the things I love about this area of Puglia is that each little town has it’s own character, it’s own dishes and even almost it’s own climate..”Locorotondo (literally round place,as the roads of the centro storico are laid out almost in concentric circles) is no exception.

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I love Puglia in the Springtime….


After an early flourish Spring seemed to get discouraged and go away again, and I began to think that the Puglian motto ‘domani si pensa’ – tomorrow we will think about it – even applied to the weather.

oceano 027reduced

But today is glorious; the sky is blue, the sea a sparkling turquoise and every scrap of spare land, even in town, is carpeted with wild flowers. Continue reading

More than 12 days of Christmas in Puglia

lights reducedI  have always loved Christmas and in Puglia it is particularly magical…It starts in earnest on the ‘immacolata’ – the 8th of December. The main Christmas lights go up , people have a day off work and decorate their trees, if they haven’t already, and it becomes increasingly hard to get any sense out of anyone on the work front – the holidays have definitely begun, in spirit anyway.

As soon as it gets dark the streets are lit with twinkling lights – no garish multi-coloured neon here, but usually golden, silver or blue, and simple forms such as stars. Lit like this the church domes, medieval arches and wrought iron balconies look particularly romantic and the streets are crowded with people . They are nominally doing Christmas shopping but often, one gets the impression, they are just wandering about, to see and be seen, calling out greetings to friends and neighbours and stopping occasionally, maybe for a hot chocolate with whipped cream, at a bar. Continue reading

“Monopoli, town of a hundred hamlets” – Published on

Monopoli has it all; a medieval centre with narrow cobblestoned streets and whitewashed houses, a Baroque cathedral, a Venetian style palazzo overlooking blue painted fishing boats, a castle and the remains of the sixteenth century town walls, complete with cannons. … Continue reading