Pettole – not just for Christmas (in my book!)


Pettole are crisp, light balls of yeast dough and can be either sweet or savoury. The sweet version is dusted with icing sugar, or drizzled with honey or ‘vincotto’ before serving, the savoury version traditionally has a filling of salt cod or cauliflower, but there are other, tastier, variations such as sliced olive, sundried tomatoes and anchovies.

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Today I am making orecchiette with cime di rapa, a typical dish from Puglia …


Today I walked to the market in brilliant sunshine and came back with bags of fruit and vegetables, chosen in the moment because they looked good.. Particularly tempting were the vividly green cime di rape, or turnip tops – tell a Pugliese that in England we eat the turnips themselves, as I did when I first arrived, and it confirms their belief that all ‘stranieri’ are just that, strange. In fact although related to turnips, cime di rapa, also known as broccoli rabe, are something different. Either way, today I am making orecchiette, the typical pasta pugliese, shaped apparently like ‘little ears’ with cime di rape.. Continue reading

Puglia the ‘bread basket’ of Italy – part one: Pane d’Altamura, taralli, friselle, focaccia, panzerotti.

Puglia has been one of Italy’s main producers of durum wheat since Roman times. Different kinds of bread, focaccia, biscuits, cakes and fresh pasta made with durum wheat and water are an essential part of the Puglian diet. Many of … Continue reading